Dating when you have children

You feel guilty about leaving your small children with a baby-sitter or leaving your older children alone for a few hours. If you don't, sooner or later you're going to resent the fact you never date or do anything socially. Believe me, your guilty feelings are much easier on your children than your feelings of anger and resentment.And who do you think your resentment's going to affect most? I'm only going to say this once, so I want you to pay careful attention.

By dating secretly, you're telling your children that you're ashamed of what you're doing.She urges people to set appropriate boundaries and suggests that parents who are dating have an open and honest conversation with their children. Some of you might be thinking, "I'd love to start dating, but who would want to date someone with four children, a dog, and two parakeets? Don't automatically assume just because you have children, you're less desirable.You have to take care of your own emotional, mental, and physical needs before you can help your children.If you're sacrificing your social life for your children, you're not doing them a favor.

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