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"You don't want to travel far to get to a gym," for example, she says, "or the likelihood of going will decrease immensely." For some people, a gym near the office will help them squeeze in a workout before work or during their lunch break; for others, working out at home or at a gym near their house is more convenient.

(And don't forget about where you'll work out on the weekends!

Trick yourself into looking forward to exercise, by making it the only time you treat yourself to something special.

Maybe it's a podcast or a playlist of songs that you only listen to you while you run, your favorite TV show that you'll only watch from the treadmill, brunch with girlfriends after yoga class, or a special dessert you only allow yourself on days you've worked out.

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It's not directly related to exercise, but paying closer attention to what you're putting into your body can make you more aware of how you're treating it, overall.

Or, bribe yourself with smaller investments—treat yourself to a new pair of running shoes or a new GPS watch, for example.

One way to put a stop to your new exercise habit before it even gets off the ground? Beginners (or people just returning to fitness after a long break) need to be careful about trying to do too much, too soon, which can leave you sore and exhausted—or worse yet, with a real injury that will keep you sidelined for even longer.

For exercise, it's probably more like six weeks, says Rebecca Woll, manager of personal training at Equinox in New York City.

"This is when you start to see aesthetic changes in your body," she explains.

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