Dating waltham movements

To see a clear example of this look at the section below about Eterna movements customised for Stauffer & Co.Compare the bridge shapes shown in Jobin for the Eterna movements and those seen on Stauffer branded Eterna movements.In fact, the apparently huge variety of Swiss watches is explained by this phenomenon: once the basic layout in a round movement of the barrel, train wheels, escapement and balance was arrived at, there was little scope, let alone need, to change it.Manufacturers altered the appearance of their movements by changing the top plates, but the basic layout remained much the same.

The shape of the cocks and bridges is more of an aesthetic consideration; so long as all the pivot holes and screw holes are in the same places, then bridges of very different shapes can be freely interchanged.It should have given Waltham an immediate and early edge over the competition.Unfortunately, Waltham’s early decades were fraught with financial difficulties.If you click on the pictures a bigger one should pop up in a new window.I don't mind you using these for your own personal research, but if you want to use them elsewhere such as on an internet forum, a web site, or in a publication, please read my copyright notice first and include attribution.

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