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Depending on your relationship to the alleged abuser, there are two types of civil relief: a protective order and a peace order.Protective orders are the main vehicle of civil relief for victims of domestic violence. Protective orders are civil orders issued by a judge that orders one person to refrain from committing certain acts against others. You are eligible for a protective order if you and the alleged abuser: A Peace Order is a form of legal protection for anyone who is experiencing problems with an individual, including someone in a dating relationship, a neighbor, a stranger, or anyone else.Fact: A person who wants to have sex with you does not necessarily love you.

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Understanding that the painful effects of sexual assault, domestic violence and other forms of violence against women impact every person in Illinois, Attorney General Madigan and her office offer numerous programs and services aimed at protecting the rights and well-being of women.Then look to see the responses available, which can help you and your family out of this type of situation.Remember domestic violence does not tend to end but escalate in both severity and frequency the longer a victim waits before taking action. Emergency situations can include a recent threat of violence, a recent act of violence, or if you or someone else is in imminent danger.Unintentional Injury Prevention Program: The overall goal of this program is to reduce unintentional injuries to North Dakotans, with special emphasis on children and women.The program uses a variety of best practice strategies to promote the health and safety to all North Dakotans.

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