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In fact, the language of the act made it clear Congress feels the proliferation and fuss over various camouflage patterns for different branches of the military is more about specific branding than actual concealment. HQDA G-4 POC IS MAJ DANNY PADELLO, DSN: 224-2718, COMMERCIAL: (703) 614-2718, OR E-MAIL: DANIEL. In addition they are preparing to launch 670-1 compliant boots in 2015.Furthermore, the language of the 2015 NDAA has kept this provision in place, preventing various branches from future “branding” of themselves with unique patterns. DURING THE TRANSITION PERIOD, CLOTHING INITIAL ISSUE POINTS ARE AUTHORIZED TO CONTINUE TO ISSUE TO INITIAL ENTRY TRAINING SOLDIERS THE TAN/SAND COLORED UNDERGARMENTS WITH THE OPERATIONAL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN ACU. The decision has been made: Scorpion W2 is the new OCP for the Army, replacing Multicam.Although the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) required the Department of Defense to choose a single camouflage pattern to span all branches of the military, the hunt for the ideal camo has been going on far longer.And though some believe the search reaches back to 2010’s Camouflage Improvement Effort (CIE) – which was the Army’s competition meant to result in the selection of a new pattern – this journey has actually stretched out for more than a decade.Specifically, the new OCP will be made with the following colors in accordance with MIL-DTL-44436B: cream 524, tan 535, pale green 526, olive 527, dark green 528, brown 529, and dark brown 530. The dye process starts with a cream 524 base color with the other colors printed on with rollers or screens, and while previous OCPs have been Class 9 and 10, the new OCP is Class 14. (U) THE PURPOSE OF THIS MESSAGE IS TO PROVIDE INFORMATION ON THE TRANSITION FROM THE UNIVERSAL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN AND OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN ACU TO THE OPERATIONAL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN ACU.

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Scorpion is lighter and made up of smaller areas of horizontal color. So why didn’t the Army go with Multicam for its new all-encompassing uniform pattern? (U) THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN AUTHORIZED BY THE ARMY G-1 AND ARMY G-4. (U) THE DEPUTY CHIEF OF STAFF, G-1 IS THE PROPONENT OF WEAR AND APPEARANCE OF ARMY UNIFORMS AND INSIGNIA POLICY AND WILL INCORPORATE THE GUIDANCE IN THIS MESSAGE INTO REFERENCE D BY 1 JULY 2015. It makes sense the new OCP would eventually be made available commercially, we just do not know when it will occur.When the aforementioned CIE was reported to have resulted in a winning pattern in 2012, but the year came and went without results, Congress got involved in pushing the Department of Defense to choose a pattern. Propper is a major military uniform distributor; over the years they’ve manufactured more than 130 million uniforms for the Do D.After the price tag was revealed to the public, a single anonymous statement was made claiming the creation of the pattern as actually in the millions, not billions, and the inflated cost made public included uniforms purchased to date as opposed to pattern creation alone.Regardless, the creation and immediate issue of UCP wasn’t only a failure in monetary costs; it would not be a stretch to say the unpopular pixelated pattern cost American lives.

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