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He certainly doesn’t need details that would attract him.Talk to your child about the importance of keeping his life pure by guarding what enters through the eyes.That is not an explicit description of a prostitute propositioning someone, but it gets the point across.When talking to a preteen or teen about pornography, you can explain that many people today look at pictures of naked women and men performing sexual activity, but none of this is pleasing to God.Males, who are generally more stimulated by sight than females, will always be the main consumers of pornography.But in our sex-saturated culture, pornography is becoming a problem for females as well.That’s why I think so many people fall into this trap – because they’re tired of hearing “be yourself” and they’ve given up on thinking it’s good advice.Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Are You Compatible” Quiz right now and find out if you’re really compatible with him…

At younger ages, say up to about 12, your child needs only to know that pornography isn’t good for him.

He certainly doesn’t tell the whole story to provoke our carnality and flesh to sin.

For example, in Proverbs we read this description of a woman to avoid: “For the lips of an adulteress drip honey, and smoother than oil is her speech” (5:3).

And we’ve taken our sons and daughters with us when we’ve gone to movie theaters to talk to theater managers and protest an NC-17 (formerly X-rated) movie that came to our community.

All of these actions and more can shape your child’s convictions and keep him out of the traps.

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