Dating sites really work

The first thing I mention in my profile is I have cancer. I've been here for awhile and haven't met anyone, because I had no luck meeting a decend man, and I am being very selective and carefully who I decide to meet..

Honestly, most men especially the better looking ones they think they can score any women, since this is a free dating site, since its an app that so convienient at your finger tips and sleep around is like their missions..make them so cool...urggg so many serial daters, cheaters, and jokes....

The bf married almost 3 years ago; one couple is engaged; one has been together for 15 months and they're going to live together, etc.

A lot of dating sites are jokes and most want you to pay out money before you can talk to anyone.

But I cannot go hiking or walk my 3 miles a day anymore.

I can go to a movie (I shift positions a lot), I can go out to dinner.

Then they might realize someone like me is a great option. I think women tend to do this last one more than men.

In that time, I took a year long break a nd a few small breaks for dating sites and dating in general, but I kept a profile to use the forums.

I came off of the year long break last September and began dating someone I met online and we're still seeing one another exclusively.

I have several gf's and one bf who I have met on this site or who I know IRL who used this site or others and are in committed ltr's.

It works for some people...manage to find their match..hasnt for me. It's become more entertainment/a diversion for me rather than something I take seriously these days. I can only guess they are players, and are looking to rack up numbers, not something serious that will get them off the site.

There is the chance they are just really picky, there are all kinds of scenarios.

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