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i was talking on the phone to alan bourdon who imported many dehlers over the years and he told me that stiff 36cws rudder Thread started by jtwebb on 02/02/2008 i have had problems with a stiff rudder which was due to the bottom bearing becoming a tight fit.

it was replaced in 2001 with the correct material but was a good fit so any small expansion caused problems.

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the engine cuts out after about 20 seconds if i set to the throttle to the maximum setting.

but you're not quiteoffineeselm Thread started by Offinee Selm on 17/10/2010 lamictal and muscle jerking; lamictal causes seizures; lamictal dosage times ...

would appreciate guidance from someone who has - appears to me that to release rudder we need to undo the 4 bolts that clamp the steering arm to the rudder shaft and release the 2 lock bolts on top bearing of the rudder shaft- am i rlifting keel Thread started by Site Administrator on 09/06/2006 from wendy langdon - [email protected] father is currently on the east coast, nursing his 1986 dehler 25.

on lifting the keel, a huge clonk sent it back down to full drop.

has anyone in the uk tried this before, or have info that mselden mast Thread started by edwardp on 16/11/2009 hi i am about to re mast my 1986 dehler 38(irc).

current thoughts are for a selden mast as a "like for like" design including the running backstplemfinnino Thread started by Plemfinnino on 03/05/2010 how much weight loss on phentermine phentermine thyroid [url= and prozac together[/url], levitra generic vs women taking levitra [url= tvidiofstef Thread started by idiofs Tef on 31/05/2010 [color=#ff0000][url= much is viagra[/url] tuppence generic viagra online [url= generic cialis the same[/url] smellygirlxxzaq Thread started by smellygirlxxzaq on 03/07/2010 its a perfect night, warm and fresh.

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