Dating scans in pregnancy

The teachers could never figure this out so they sent me for testing.I was found to have a very high IQ and was diagnosed as “gifted”(which basically means your idea of bliss is reading textbooks and studying piano sheet music), so my college teachers pushed me into going to medical school and I was tempted.Why are we using such an old study to force women by fear and guilt into inductions and C-sections, both of which carry huge risks, based on one fifty year old study?Probably because the more recent studies do not back it up.Now, sadly some babies do die in the womb and some babies are stillborn.I suffered a neonatal death with my first child (At 35 weeks) and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. That does not mean, after careful study and consideration of the REAL facts for yourself, that it will happen to you, and to tell expectant mothers that it will because of one faulty study is nothing but fear mongering.Now I have been reading the bible since I was twelve as I’m just into that sort of thing and it is not in there.

And the economy is very bad, so hospitals need to keep making money.Now of course, some women will deliver at 35 or even 34 weeks and their babies are completely fine.This is because HER time had come and it happened to be 35 or 34 weeks.That was odd as if modern medicine was so great why could it not prevent disease by now? So they treat the symptoms which often makes patients sicker, but hospitals make money from the “medicines” they provide. I became very disillusioned with medicine as a career, so I went into music.I soon met and married a guy who seemed as bright as he was attractive (‘seemed’ being the operative word here) and we quickly got pregnant with our first child, but sadly he had a congenital disorder which left him unable to process calcium.

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