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Or “I’m going to kill you.” That was 10 to 15 percent. Then I got to Air America and had a national platform, and again it was the exact same proportion. Once I was sure, I quickly realized that I did not want to be a closeted person—that that was a weak place to be.”On if she’s ever had sex with men:“Oh right, this is ] It’s none of your business! The first time I consciously thought I might be a lesbian I remember thinking: But I hate softball.

Then I moved to my own show in Northampton, Massachusetts. Then I get a show on MSNBC, and again 10 to 15 percent hate me, think I’m a man or a socialist and want me dead. If you look out that window, you’ll see snipers.”On coming out in college:“I put up a public letter in the stalls in my dorm. The point is, I stopped thinking of myself as broken when it occurred to me that I might actually not be just a failed heterosexual. Then I went to college and started sleeping with girls and was like, ‘Ah, that’s what my body’s for.'”Read the rest of the interview at

She ended up in Western Massachusetts, working on her doctoral dissertation, and taking odd jobs."I remember applying to a video store -- this was when we still had video stores! It was doing a yard work job in 1999 that she met her partner, Susan Mikula. But surprisingly, while she has been an advocate of the right for gays and lesbians to marry, her personal decision so far has been not to get married. "It was actually a paper storage facility, a paper storage warehouse," Maddow said.

Her goal: To make you REALLY listen."Storytelling is fun for me," she explained.

"But I also think when you're telling a good story, it sinks in more.

"This is a beautiful gun."So maybe you wouldn't expect the woman wielding the Colt .45 pistol or the AR-15 rifle to be unabashedly left-leaning Rachel Maddow."Like, I'm a real liberal, even on, like, gun safety and gun control issues," said Maddow.

"That said, I think that shooting is fun, and I think that shooting ranges are an excellent place to both learn about guns and to freak your friends out!

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