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The hoops, crinolines, petticoats, bustles and knickerbockers meant there was no such thing as a quick fumble — it was like Livingstone trying to penetrate the African jungle without a machete. Bloomers enabled girls to get their long legs over the saddle and pedal away — for chance meetings in parks or tea shops — and an invitation to tea was ‘the equivalent of today’s “coming up for a coffee” ’.

There was even a bestselling book: Lady Cycling: What To Wear And How To Ride.

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Men and women are not very good at marriage — ‘marriage is at its lowest level since 1895,’ says Nichi Hodgson in her exuberant study of clinches and clashes — but they remain immensely keen on the courtship rituals, the dating games and the sophisticated arts of flirtation.

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Release came with the opening of music halls, with their heady mix of ‘alcohol and scantily clad performers’.Because, basically, it is the only way they can guarantee some sex.This is why, in 1985, 18.2 million viewers regularly tuned into Cilla Black’s Blind Date. From Lonely Hearts columns in newspapers, which first appeared in 1786, to the aristocratic cattle market of the London season, to today’s instantaneous Tinder ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’, which may be followed up, with luck, by an assignation in Nando’s, ‘the UK’s most popular venue for a first date’, people have always been keen to pair off. Indeed, in Jane Austen’s day, when the age of consent was 12, dating was made as difficult as possible.People with short necks were not given to ‘passionate embracing’.To the parents of eligible daughters, what mattered most in the 18th century was a suitor’s ‘voluptuousness of bank account’, especially when the unwed female was a drain on family’s finances.

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    Do you have full text conversations with people or just one or two texts to different people? I take it the interview will just be done over the phone not face to face?