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Some show the fear of death and regret of leaving loved ones behind to fight on foreign soil, others hint at the hatred for both the enemy and the government that put them in harm's way... Many would have harboured feelings of betrayal and hopelessness, and a deep longing for the lives and loves they had been forced to leave behind.

The majority of the servicemen in Vietnam had been drafted into service.

Others claim that butane became popular because it had a less pervasive odor than naptha – though most people I know who use lighters or who grew up around smokers are nostalgic for the smell of a naptha lighter.

Butane lighters are the most common type today, as butane is the fuel of choice for disposable lighters, such as Bic, that you’d buy in a grocery store.

The basic shape of the modern cigarette lighter can be traced back to its ancestor, the match holder.The user will flip open the lid or push a button that opens the cover, which will simultaneously spin a flint wheel and ignite the wick. Ultimately, the automatic lighter was created by Louis Aronson, founder of Ronson lighters, in 1926.Nicknamed the “Banjo” for its distinctive shape, the design became immensely popular.Various companies have made these over the years, in portable and table lighter forms.The semiautomatic lighter first appeared about 1922, and is still standard for many reusable lighters.

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