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Hammurapi, king, the mighty one, the beloved of Marduk, smashed, with the supreme power of the great gods, smashed the armed hordes of Elam from the border of Marḫaši, of Subartu, Gutium, Ešnunna and Malgium, who had come up in multitudes, and secured the foundations of Sumer and Akkad (Rl A 2, 180, 1327).

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For the one who shall remove this inscription, may Enlil and Šamaš both tear out his foundation, and pluck up his seed. (132-145) When he conquered Elam and Paraḫšum, he brought out 30 minas of gold, 3,600 minas of copper, 300 male and female slaves, and dedicated them to Enlil. RIME and 2.12.15 in Ur and Tutub For Suen, Rimuš, king of the world, when he conquered Elam and Paraḫšum, presented this from the booty of Elam.

He defeated Abalgamaš, king of Paraḫšum, and captured Ḫisibrasini, his ally, king of Elam, who was captured by Sargon before and possibly submitted to him so was released.

RIME (on a statue of Rimuš) The main strategic direction of the second king Rimuš was Elam and Paraḫšum, and his famous title was the king of the world and conqueror of Elam and Paraḫšum, the same as one of Sargon's, his father.

Then, he heaped up a burial mound at the site of a town over them.

Further, he captured Sidga’u, the general of Paraḫšum and then he captured Sargapi, general of Zaḫara, in between (the cities) Awan and Susa by the Middle River.

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