Dating material outreach teen violence

Our Education and Outreach Department works to create a culture in our communities that is intolerant of domestic and sexual violence.

Presentations can be tailored to specific audiences, and can cover the topics listed below.

Prevention education and awareness of domestic and sexual violence are crucial parts of putting an end to these kinds of violence in our community.

Our educators provide workshops, trainings, and classes to students in elementary, middle, high schools and colleges, as well as to medical professionals, law enforcement, businesses, civic groups, and faith-based organizations.

This curriculum is specifically designed to serve student leaders and single-gender groups of student athletes, and use their status to speak out against rape, dating violence, bullying, sexual harassment, and other forms of violent and abusive behavior.

It is based on the bystander approach, which empowers young people to confront abusive peers through real-life scenarios and interactive dialogue that leads to abuse and violence being seen as socially unacceptable.

Participants will learn and practice powerful skills to keep their peers safe and hold perpetrators of violence accountable for their actions.Domestic and sexual violence aren’t just women’s issues – they affect us all. The disparities in privilege and health among genders don’t just oppress women and other gender minorities – they’re harming guys, too.Want to be a better partner, husband, brother, friend, or father?This workshop invites participants to expand their understanding of intimate relationships, challenge the myths and misinformation we’re fed by the media, learn how to truly empower and support survivors, and work to end domestic violence in our community.A community-based effort to end sexual violence is impossible without discussing the importance of consent.

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