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Informal queuing is common in Spain and Italy, which means people will force their way to the front and unless you proclaim to be queuing, you will not be recognized.

Queuing for some things, such as the bus, is not honored in many parts of Europe.

People will often interrupt, but this is not considered rude - although, it's best you don't try it yourself.

The eyelid pull is when you place your finger in the center of your eyelid and pull the skin downward, is common in France, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Though there are thought to be more than 700,000 forms of non-verbal communication, there are many body language signals and hand gestures in Europe that you will see people use frequently, and understanding their intentions is paramount to communicating effectively.

Here we give you the lowdown on some of Europe's most popular hand gestures, and European body language, and what it all means.

When traveling in Europe, the language barrier can make it difficult to communicate with the locals effectively, but hopefully with a little training in understanding European hand gestures and body language, you'll be able to enjoy your travels more thoroughly, knowing how to express yourself with subtle language cues, and effective body language.

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Back in 2004, Steve Appleford of LA City BEAT conducted a "survey" of heavy metal musicians regarding the origins of the "devil's horns" hand sign — the horned hand, with index finger and pinkie raised proudly as the sign of the beast, which is being used as the "international greeting to heavy metal ecstasy." "Gene Simmons wrote in his 2002 autobiography that it was his accidental invention, the inadvertent gesture of a great man, repeated at concerts and picked up by fans," Appleford said. Former BLACK SABBATH shouter Ronnie James Dio also takes the credit, first raising the horns before joining the band in 1978.

When you meet people that speak other languages to you, one of the best ways to communicate effectively is through body language and hand gestures.

Some of European hand gestures are positive and some are negative, for example, many people in the US and the UK use the thumbs up sign as a positive 'yes', however, in Sardinia and Greece it is as bad as holding up the middle finger.

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