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The message is clear – this show is for locals, not tourists – and in the interview I mention above Simon makes that explicit, quoting one of his directors as telling him: "Well, you made Generation Kill for 26 recon Marines, and now you've made Treme for at least 400 New Orleans musicians. Albert (Clarke Peters) returns to his ruined, waterlogged home and the wreck of his favourite bar with the neck of his double bass sticking out of the back window of his car (a nice image) and the drumming of army helicopter blades overhead.So by your standards, you've become almost sickeningly populist." Simon is obviously poking fun at himself here, but the programme does betray a slight hostility towards viewers who know little about New Orleans. His son and daughter think he's crazy to come back, but he gets stuck in straight away trying to get a group of Mardi Gras Indians – black New Orleans carnival performers who dress up like Native Americans – back up and running.The couple was chaperoned on the date by two of the person's ex-partners.They talked to the other person via an earpiece, feeding hints for conversation topics and comments on the date itself.I really hope we are not being invited to sympathise with such rudeness.Almost as dislikeable is the preachy, self-righteous Creighton (John Goodman), who seems to enjoy taking his anger at the state of the city out on any journalists foolish enough to listen to him.Probably the most unusual – and least Wire-like – scene here has Albert take to the streets at night in his enormous, vibrant costume, the red, gold and orange blatantly and jarringly lit by artificial light against the shadows of the surrounding buildings.I also liked struggling restaurant boss Janette and her trusty chef Jacques (Ntare Mwine), and the scenes between Antoine and his ex-wife Ladonna (Khandi Alexander, excellent). Ladonna's brother Daymo has been missing since the storm, last seen in prison, and she and Creighton's wife, lawyer Toni (Melissa Leo), are trying to track him down, in what is potentially the most dramatic storyline begun in this first episode.

It depicts the lives of a group of New Orleans residents in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and may conceivably run for as long as the show that made his name; a second series is already imminent.

Now, almost a year on, we in the UK can make up our own minds.

In an interview published after the end of the series (spoilers throughout, I'm afraid), Simon said he felt no one could judge the show until they had seen all 10 episodes in full: "It's always amusing to me to watch people commenting on the chapters without knowing the story …

If the person's ex-partners were in the car, the ex-partners themselves won a prize.

The show was hosted by Jillian Barberie and premiered on July 8, 2002.

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