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There’s no biological basis for refusing to accept an interracial relationship as a marriage.That’s why, from the discriminator’s standpoint, it’s more defensible to oppose gay marriage than to oppose interracial marriage. Why not consider the perspective of the person targeted by the discrimination?

One jokingly refers to her boyfriend as her "vanilla secret" as her extended family in India have no idea he exists.Every scientific review of human history has found that racial distinctions are not categorical and continue to change.People of different races produce kids together all the time.Sherif Girgis, Robert George, and Ryan Anderson emphasize this distinction in their recent essay and book, Just because I don’t agree with an argument, however, doesn’t mean it’s irrational. Gay couples can have kids using donated eggs or sperm.Marriage has historically been a sexual institution. Many gay people are already raising children, and doing it just as well as straight people. But I’d be remiss to omit the rejoinder from George and his colleagues: Sex is a much brighter line than fertility or intention to bear children.

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