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, Aya is a relatively ordinary schoolgirl who is anxious about anything surrounding her.

Of course she has reason to worry how life will unfold before her. Her academic profile has been extremely lopsided—being very strong in Japanese and plainly dismal in math—which a problem in Asia.

Seit 1995 haben britische Forscher dafür den Begriff des "dark tourism" geprägt.

Vor knapp zwei Wochen ging dazu eine Konferenz in Glasgow zu Ende.

Schon in den 20er-Jahren hat sich Karl Kraus über die Schlachtfeldfahrten empört.Despite being seen as a delinquent by both her mother and KZ Detective Team, after standing out against the rest of the class' ignorance towards her, she see him as a Nice Guy.Marcus Hutchins is credited for single-handedly stopping the Wanna Cry cyber attack in May, which affected computers in over 150 countries.Like the archetypal shonen hero, on one hand he is confident, proactive and energetic, but on the other hand—as Aya has experienced first-hand—he is also a rude, pretentious and bad-tempered attention-grabber.Still he A Tall, Dark, and Handsome charmer, Kuroki is The Social Expert of the Detective Team, which allows him to act as the maintain an intelligence network across the town while maintaining the team's mental well-being.

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