Dating ariane walk through

Ending 2 : Threesome - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room.

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Compliment her about her skin, so that she`ll strip full naked. - Have her change into something suitable for going out. - Kiss her - Ask her to take something off - Comment on her skin glistening - Play through the end Ending 4 : Madlore - Be shown around castle - Find sparring room. She may appear naked in front of you (need flattered=3). At the lake, play in the water (need flattered=2) and hold your breath under the water (hold one time then come up). At the lake, have a seat and kiss her (need impressed=2), then encourage her to slide something off (need flattered=3) and compliment her either about her beauty or her underguts. In Maldore inn, in exchange for a necklace found behind bushes, ask the maid to french-kiss Latricia. When you`re alone with her in her room, suggest to change her outfit and let her pick.

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