Dating an aloof man

call when you say you will call, initiate hanging out, be understanding when life happens).TDAWell I'd like to start by saying that acting any other way other than yourself wouldn't be the way to go.One of the worst things I think is for a guy to act a certain way the first few dates and then all of a sudden start acting like someone else or himself.I personally want to see who you truely are the first go around.

Also, this type of approach works on anyone- men or women, hot or not.With that being said, I prefer a guy who is straight forward.I don't like someone who gives mixed signals or who beats around the damn bush.I like to know how you truely feel about something, whether you like it or not...... The problem with doing something that works for someone else, you are not them, so eventually a woman is going to feel an incongruency with who she thought you were and who you really are.That's why all the "getting laid" tactics just don't work for long term.

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