Dating a lane cedar chest

It is the vessel into which a bride will place all those things handed down from mother to daughter, as well as her own hopes and dreams.

The Hope chest is also the traditional place for a bride to store her wedding dress to hand down to her daughters.

The serial number is decoded by reading it backwards to form 061141; the first two numbers represent the month, the middle numbers denote the day and the last two digits show the year.

Continue Reading Lane cedar chest serial numbers are either stamped or applied to the bottom of the chest.

It is not clear exactly when the tradition of the wedding, or “Hope Chest” started, or where, but it is certainly one that has survived the centuries.

In many cultures, a young girl planning for her future wedding would begin collecting treasured items for her wedding chest, including hand-embroidered linens and delicate underwear.

The Hope Chest signifies ‘hope for marriage’ and the promise of love and security.I talked to a nice woman with a southern accent who explained how to determine the age of a Lane cedar chest. To determine the age, work backwards from the Serial #.If you need info on how to determine the age of your Lane cedar chest - you should call customer service at Lane and see if they can help you too. Take the last two numbers (40) - reverse them and you have 04 - for April - the 4th month of the year.I have come across a similar piece which was auctioned and here is a link to it: price offered for the bidding was from 0 to 0, however I come across this quote from Probst54 a few months ago and here it is.Probst54 wrote: By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

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