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I soon realised that cooking, cleaning and other chores are a family affair...Morning coffees and afternoon meals are something of a daily ritual and there is little privacy." On the upside, the in-house childcare is greatly appreciated.

even today they will invite only my husband to a family gathering. My husband has stood by me all these years despite the pressure I know he is under.

"My in-laws assumed we would move into the upstairs apartment in their building," she says.

"It is a nice and spacious apartment, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to live so close... An aunt lives right across the street." Her in-laws have yet to fully understand their decision not move into the family building.

So, she is defenceless and husbands feel they have more power. "So," says Chris Kondoyanni, the director of the Greek branch of International Social Services (ISS), "it's often very hard on the [expat] spouse, especially if she feels she is cut off and has lost her own social network and may not understand the Greek culture.

This certainly results in problems." Excommunication It gets worse if you are not a westerner.

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