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printenv bootargs=console=tty S0,115200 root= rootfstype=squashfs init=/sbin/init mtdparts=ath-nor8k(u-boot),1024k(kernel),6912k(rootfs),64k(config),64k(art) bootcmd=bootm 0x9f020000 bootdelay=1 baudrate=115200 ethaddr=0xba:0xbe:0xfa:0xce:0x08:0x41 ipaddr= serverip= dir= bc=ap123 lu=tftp 0x81000000 $u-boot.bin&&erase 0x9f000000 $filesize;cp.b $fileaddr 0x9f000000 $filesize lf=tftp 0x81000000 $$-squashfs&&erase 0x9f120000 $filesize;cp.b $fileaddr 0x9f120000 $filesize stdin=serial stdout=serial stderr=serial ethact=eth0 You should transfer the firmeware image to the /tmp folder and revert back to original firmware (if availlable you can flash the firmware via the webinterface as well): Via the safer method using sysupgrade: It is also possible to revert to the stock firmware using the method with tftp described in "recovery".

(you still need the firmware image without the boot part).

Using the integrated tftp capability of the router.

Right after you launch the tftp server, a couple of blank messages will appear into the log window of the tftp server, this is normal, the third or fourth message will indicate that the process of file transfer is in progress.

After some time you will see all LEDs flashing once followed by a normal restart of the router Now you can install the openwrt factory image of your liking, via the vendor firmware upgrade web page of the router.

In this case you need to change lan interface from eth0 to eth0.1 (for VLAN id = 1).

If using luci, remember to do both changes (switch and lan) before applying any of them.

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