Darwinian dating krakauer

One fortuitous effect of the strong selection required for speciation with gene flow is that the genomic regions that cause reproductive isolation become particularly distinctive relative to the rest of the genome.

This facilitates their discovery in empirical analyses.

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Although Darwin's idea that natural selection drives speciation has finally been widely accepted (2), we still have much to learn about the nature and time course of the genetic changes that cause speciation under natural selection (3 Pivotal ideas developed during the modern synthesis of the 1930s–1940s have largely determined the course of modern speciation research.By studying the genetic causes of partial reproductive isolation between specialized ecological races, early barriers to gene flow can be identified before they become confounded with other species differences.This population-level approach can reveal patterns that become invisible over time, such as the mosaic nature of the genome early in speciation.To date, genetic analyses of speciation have focused almost exclusively on retrospective analyses of reproductive isolation between species or subspecies and on hybrid sterility or inviability rather than on ecologically based barriers to gene flow.However, if we are to fully understand the origin of species, we must analyze the process from additional vantage points.

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