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[…] The friend who alerted me to this site described the message board’s atmosphere: “It is as if the girls who did Eng Lit at uni had joined a fan club.Waiting for every new message may not be as exciting as waiting for the next episode of North & South, but it’s the next best thing.And at the heart of it all was Richard Armitage’s portrayal of John Thornton.He has acknowledged that it was the role of a lifetime and he threw himself into it.Used to the genteel society of the south, she struggles to adjust to the grime and poverty of the busy mill town at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

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On the messageboard, character and actor merge into one object of desire: RA/JT.

The whole cast and crew of North and South scarcely put a foot wrong, and the result is a high-quality drama that has been shown in several countries around the world, winning new fans each time.

* * * In December 2008, ITV3 broadcast a five part series about The Story of the Costume Drama, tracing its history on British TV over the last 50 years. Both Richard Armitage and Daniela Denby-Ashe were interviewed for the programme, and they spoke about the filming and about their chemistry as John Thornton and Margaret Hale. Links BBC North and South website Article about the novel in The Guardian, 23rd February 2008, by Jenny Uglow, biographer of Elizabeth Gaskell.

Daniela's parents are of Polish descent, her paternal surname being Pszkit.

Before they married, they decided to create a more British-sounding family name, so they looked in the telephone directory and each chose a name they liked and hyphenated them.

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