Daddy issues dating funny or die

Yet so many of them are snatched up by women who are drawn to them and should know better. This is not a slam on you, but seriously how does this become so common place? So you had a baby, broke up, moved and now he has a problem with the thought of you letting the child call other men daddy.

You are bothered because he "told" you and didn't politely "ask" you. Now I'm going to refer to one of your many comments.

Theres more to that story but i won't get into it...

So, if he's not going to be around, and he's not really going to be able to be a "daddy" to him, why is it such a big deal for another man to step up and take that roll when he obviously can't..(ps.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. They were near graduation before they started callin' me "Daddy", "DAD", "Paw" and all that stuff. If he doesn't want your son to call anyone else "Daddy" have your son call your mate "Father" or "Padre" or "Vader" or "Opa" or "Papa". (I am SURE the Queen is screaming in the loo due to the slaughtering of her language, but that's another topic entirely).^^BG^^Honest reply.... That is a title of great importance to the relation of the child. Nor is it something I would give up under any situation.

now i am not saying by any means that i intend on getting my little boy to call anyone daddy, but is it right for him to come up and pretty much demand me not to let it happen? i mean he is mine too and he is living with him, and who says i will ever get married? This to me is a very good sign, that he truly cares enough about your child, to be worried about someone else holding this important mantle.It's not like he can be with the baby every day and be there for him the way he should be there for him.and personally i think if he wanted his son there bad enough then he wouldn't have done what he did to push me away.The few single mothers I do know who have good lives actually have decent men tied to their children who look out for their kids, their relationships/marriages just didn't work out.But the majority of them always were with the, 'loser' who had nothing to offer other than being a seed donor.

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