Daddy dom dateing sites

Cameron: I will agree that sugar daddies have more flexibility, only because the numbers are in our favor. BB: Based on your experiences, what are the most common reasons sugar babies want these arrangements?

Cameron: I find sugar babies fall into a number of categories: BB: What are your reasons for giving younger women money?

But after getting familiar with Seeking Arrangement, a popular dating site for sugar daddy/baby relationships, I soon discovered that maybe the twosomes I had assumed were father/daughter might not be that at all. So yeah, this is clearly a burgeoning market in the dating industry.

To get a more personal account of what these types of relationships entail, I spoke to Cameron*, a 48-year-old healthcare consultant (earning upwards of 5,000 a year) who's been a sugar daddy for three and a half years (he got divorced almost a decade ago).

Cameron: My previous sugar baby and I were together for approximately 18 months before she earned her master's degree and returned to New Zealand.

On average, my sugar baby and I see each other once per week at the most, and on occasions, twice per month.

BB: Do friends or family know you're a sugar daddy? Cameron: My family is not aware of my status as a sugar daddy.

Cameron: I find it's a very healthy alternative to traditional dating, often devoid of the typical demands involved in marriage or dating.

There's also an end point that's very clear to both parties and allows for an amicable parting of ways that fosters a long-term friendship.

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