Cvs update not updating

You can even compare the two files side-by-side using the following diff command: By giving the "cvs update" command, you are essentially telling CVS to merge the latest versions of files from the repository into your working copies.Sometimes, however, other modifications made to a file since you last updated do not mesh well with your version.

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The command will create the (optional) specified dir if it doesn't already exist. Typically if you expect to be developing in the package, you want the HEAD, in which case you should omit the -r option. If no files are specified everything reachable from current directory which is newer than the version in the repository will be committed.

If you have not changed a file but there is a newer version in the repository, CVS will replace your local copy with the repository version.

If both files (copy in your working directory and in repository) have changed since you checked out the file, CVS will attempt to merge them.

That is governed by the project owner and other external factors unique to the project.

When you make changes to existing files, you must edit your working copies of these files in a file editor on your local machine using your file editor of choice.

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