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He was gorgeous but in the end I felt completely suffocated by him and by living in the States. I’ve always wanted excitement and felt life is for grabbing hold of now. I felt fine about my divorce, but I was in my mid-30s at the time.

Then, four years ago, a three-year relationship ended very badly.

Try telling that to Jennifer Aniston, who's been looking devastated and utterly drained ever since her divorce from Brad was put in motion!

Indeed, many women – such as the eight below – feel it's very wrong to suggest that a marriage break-up can ever be "easy".

Recently, we ran the feature below in which eight women spoke frankly and movingly about the pain of divorce.

It provoked a heartfelt response from readers, who wrote to YOU Magazine and logged on to the Mail online's reader comments section below to share their own experiences of marital break-up, both good and bad.

She lives in London and works as a graphic designer.

She says: "Nothing is ever simple again after divorce.

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I date a lot, but I don’t get far with it: there’s a lot of bitter men out there who rant about their exes for hours, which isn’t conducive to romance. I never used to feel a relationship would last forever, but now I can visualise myself with someone for the rest of my life.

As they know from experience, it can take years to recover from the turmoil and pain.• Sheena, 51, got married in 1982.

Sixteen years later, her husband left her and their two children, then aged 11 and seven.

I was 45, and have since discovered that being alone in your late 40s is different to your 30s.

Men want younger women, and the only place I meet them now is through dating sites like

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