Cpmpletely dating

I have been a cock sucking slut ever since I really enjoyed reading this thread. Most guys just arent as clean as they think they are and some uncut cocks smell.I have had a few experinces, first at puberty, again as a teen, and later as a young adult. Im still very much into women, but also enjoy seeing a nice hard cock, touching it, and sucking cock and balls. Once I was in an adult video store booth sucking cock.;)I too have been in the same situation my profile has bis-cur but all I get is emails from guys just a few from women maybe I'm not thete type or too old for the lady's that are but all I get is the guys showings me there cock or telling me they want to do and what's with the ones that so far away I dont get it I want to meet someone near me can anyone help and I would to you guys yes I like both but I really want to hear from a female guys I love you but I love you more when I'm watching another men fucking you or sucking your cock well I just want to put in my 2cents lets have some fun Hug I've always loved sucking cocks.I like the challenge of slipping a nice long cock down my throat. I still meet guys one-on-one for good cock sucking sessions and would welcome others who want to join in locally for MM, MMM, MMMM,... My ex got me into sucking cock a few years ago, and i have been hooked ever since. I still like being oral on men and women and swallowing cum from a cock or sucking it from a pussy.I think I get most excited with a cock in my mouth. It was dark and this guy put his cock thru the whole. I pulled back the foreskin and put my mouth over the head of his cock.It is good to know that other guys have similar experiences. I almost threw up because his cock head was covered in this disgusting soup of piss, sweat, old cum and bacteria.

I started getting used to taking cum by watching porn while sucking cock and seeing how some women enjoyed it and seeing how they sucked cock after the guys shot their load.

I am now an every drop guy and I hate to see a load lost.

Feeling the cock spasms and my mouth filling is the greatest feeling especially when big cummers cause me to swallow before they are done shooting.

Does your effort to load Facebook result in something that looks like this?

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