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Kiwi is the name of people from New Zealand as well as New Zealand’s flightless bird.

Kiwis as we know them in America are called kiwi fruit.

While in general I think there are a more logical way of directing traffic, it doesn’t make going through them in the wrong direction any less scary.

I pretty much scream every time I go through one here, especially the ones with double lanes.

From improving my kiwi slang vocabulary to acquiring some profound life lessons, the old adage “you’re never too old to learn something new” has never been more true than my first month down under.For example, I usually drop around on my weekly groceries. This means there are lots of foreigners around town, which for me is both a positive and a negative. It’s a confusing but interesting phenomenon which somehow makes the extremely high cost of living more palatable. Quickly they explained that you pay at the register and not at the table. This is not universal but I’ve definitely encountered it way more here than anywhere else in the world. Most of the time they don’t bring water to you, even if you ask. Lucky for me, NZ is the best of both worlds and has an amazing brunch scene. Source In addition to a great foodie scene, there is a thriving cafe culture which means awesome coffee all the time.But then I went to Australia and realized NZ was cheap in comparison. Negative because I want to go native and fit in with the locals which can be challenging, but also awesome because I get to make friends with people from all over the world. And speaking of apartments, they are called flats like in the UK and the deposit is called a bond. The first time I went out for a meal at a sit-down restaurant in New Zealand, I was surprised by several things. Seriously, there are some damn good restaurants to be found in this part of the world. They have sinks or jugs set up for you to grab it yourself. It’s an internal struggle between my inherent laziness and my urge to be in control of everything. I have not had a disappointing cup of joe since I arrived which says a lot considering I’m the world’s biggest coffee addict.At Girl Friends Meet you'll have all the tools at your disposal to contact and hear from exactly who you are looking for.You can organize profile photos into albums and even unlock private photo albums on a one-on-one basis.

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