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Unlike custom columns created as part of a query by using Add Custom Column in Query Editor, calculated columns created in Report View or Data View are based on data you’ve already loaded into the model.For example, you might choose to concatenate values from two different columns in two different but related tables , perform addition, or extract sub-strings.In previous versions, both actions were treated independently and bugs for which [email protected] the approval flag to "?" and which is then set to " " by someone else were also returned.Also, the URLs that will match are slightly less constrained in the rewritten example.For example, the year 10000 will now match since the year integers aren’t constrained to be exactly four digits long as they are in the regular expression.I have done it using self join but it limits the purpose,meaning when I have more than 2 values for grouped columns then it won't work.How to make this dynamic,so that for any number of columns grouped, I can concatenate.

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Now that Python 2 support is dropped, bytestrings should only be encountered around input/output boundaries (handling of binary fields or HTTP streams, for example).

This release contains major improvements to Web Services, which were our main target in this release, a rewritten tagging system, a real MIME type auto-detection for attachments, improved support for Oracle, performance improvements and lots of other enhancements.

If you're upgrading, make sure to read Notes On Upgrading From a Previous Version.

You might have to update your code to limit bytestring usage to a minimum, as Django no longer accepts bytestrings in certain code paths.

My SQL’s default isolation level, repeatable read, may cause data loss in typical Django usage.

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