Computer keeps restarting while updating Free porn chat no logn on requred

MS may re-add a deleted parameter when the update scans run, whether manually or automatically and replace missing items. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

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However, this is no fun to do manually, but there is a small windows service that can do it for you: https://de/en/windows-10-reboot-blocker The accepted answer seems to still work for me...

As the updates don't install automatically, it doesn't reboot.

However if I do click to install the updates, it will reboot later without asking, so I make sure to reboot right after manually installing the updates.

The two other solutions don't seem to be working for me as those registry settings were already set on my computer.

Here is an indirect solution, which is to tell Windows Update not to install updates automatically, just download them, and then prompt for installation.

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