Commandment dating secret ten

The Sabbath not only enables us to become reacquainted with God but with ourselves as well.It’s been reported that today the one thing people fear more than death is old age.Our over-sexualized society teaches our young to believe that physical pleasure is our greatest good and sexiness trumps character, intelligence and all other human achievements.From casual sex and hookups to adulterous unions, contemporary America has traded the seventh commandment for licentiousness and immorality – only to pay the price of broken homes, unfulfilled fantasies and the grief that comes from breaking the divine laws God taught us for achieving true happiness.

The unceasing barrage of emails, texting, surfing are weapons of mass distraction.No wonder that sociologists tell us that stealing has become a national problem of epidemic proportions.The Robert Half Personnel Agencies has calculated that “Time-theft will cost the American economy as much as billion a year.” Time-theft is defined as “those deliberate employee actions which result in the massive, growing misuse and waste of time. Bearing false witness belongs on the same tablet as the sin of murder.Both of these threats to the survival of civilization were clearly addressed and outlawed by the sixth commandment.There was a time when people understood that marriage meant commitment and vows of mutual fidelity were the greatest guarantors of lifelong happiness.

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