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But a strictly rigid schedule seems to have less importance than it once did. So if a creator has a notice on their website stating “Updates every Tuesday & Thursday!

” they damn well better have an update every Tuesday and Thursday!

The key is open communication between the creator and their audience; if the creator’s schedule changes and needs to be switched to more of an ad hoc situation, that’s fine…

as long as they tell regular and new readers that in an upfront manner, and note when/where/how new updates will be announced.

One of the long-standing rules of webcomics has been that a creator needs to figure out how often they can post content, announce that on their site, and then stick to it. Post here to get help from other players and from our Technical Support team.Report graphical, interface and miscellaneous bug reports not related to game modes/systems here as well.This particular update just worked best with a full page.Grace's line in the last panel is a little contrary to this, but that bit of awkwardness won't last past the next update.

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