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Traditional establishment regularly serving 3 real ales from local breweries. Traditional bowling green, two snooker tables, bingo three times a week.

About the Club Village social club dating back to 1886 when founded by the Bass family for workers on their Rangemore Estate, but now independent and operated through a trust.

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Victoriya Club was recently featured on Dating, the authority on all things dating.

Here's what they had to say: "Going abroad to find love is a growing trend among many Western men, but wading through language barriers, geographical distances, and culture-specific dating practices can be challenging.

That’s why many single men are turning to Victoriya Club.

Every self-respecting man and a stylish woman must know how to tie a tie and distinguish between the manners of tying.

Dating is a great chance to broaden your experience and to find an interesting person you won`t be bored with for the whole life.

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