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No one knows why Maya society collapsed at the end of the first millennium, some think it is due to overpopulation, others think a drought is responsible but one certainty is that it was a combination of environmental and non-environmental factors that caused this collapse and abandonment of many cities.While many great cities would vanish, in the Yucatan some cities would be spared and continue to flourish like Chichén-Itzá.Moving further south to the Valley of Oaxaca the Zapotec civilization was flourishing as long as 2,500 years ago.With its beginnings around the 6 century, making their empire much longer lasting than that of the Aztecs.The Olmec people and culture did not completely disappear; many other tribes incorporated aspects of the Olmec culture into their own including the Aztecs more than 1000 years later.One of the best know indigenous Mexican groups is the Aztec, which actually absorbed many individual tribes to become one large group.Maya civilization has 4 clearly marked periods in time starting with the Preclassic Period that dates from the beginning of Maya civilization to around 200 AD.

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The result of the combination of indigenous and Hispanic cultures over hundreds of years has resulted in much of the Mexican population being of ‘mestizo’ (mixed) race, but there are still areas where native peoples have mixed little with outsiders even today.

Many have survived to this day with the significantly large Zapotec communities that still live in the state of Oaxaca, as well as other parts of Mexico.

Benito Juarez, the first indigenous president of Mexico, was of Zapotec descent.

They were forced to keep searching for their own spot until they eventually found a small island in a lake of the valley—where, according to legend, they would see the fulfillment of a vision of an eagle eating a snake while perched on a cactus.

This vision was a sign indicating that this was where they should settle.

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