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Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are unpredictable.None of us knows how we're going to feel the next week, the next day, the next minute.Because it can go well, and you both deserve it to.You probably don't know a lot about these conditions. The biggest thing is understanding this next statement completely and never forgetting it.Both of these conditions can include: We're not "making a big deal" out of it or "too sensitive," it's just how our nerves and brain respond to pain signals. (That's confirmed by brain scans in which the pain centers light up like crazy.)The pain is coming from amped-up nerves and a nervous system that's in overdrive at all times.We can also have pain from things that shouldn't hurt. Because nerves travel all through the body, so can our pain.To be with us, you need to be patient and understanding.Now that you know the most important part, it's time to learn a little something about our symptoms. They can cause searing pain in us, and it's absolutely real.

Liberty Lixir is something that I (and you) will want to continue using once it’s started.

Now, I don’t know how much you, dear reader, know about CBDs. Hemp = legal, made into all kinds of products including paper, clothing, balms; can be cooked to extract chemicals at certain temperatures called CBDs, which are natural painkillers.

Has less than 0.3 percent THC on a dry-weight basis, therefore making it nearly impossible for you to get high off of hemp.

Weed = much less legal across the board relatively speaking, beloved for its much higher THC content and therefore “trippy” effect, also can be cooked at a certain temperature to extract CBDs. Because it still has that trace amount of THC, you have to be cautious about consuming this if you are going to be subjected to any testing.

It’s a bummer, I know, because it’s not like you’re doing something you shouldn’t be – you’re just going for some pain control. Liberty Lixir packs a good wallop with the 1,000 mg of CBDs. The hemp oil is mixed with coconut oil and vitamin E, and as noted on the bottle, you don’t have to worry about GMOs or anything unnatural.

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