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The second is Hijaz, on the west coast and including Mecca and Medina, the two famous centres of Islam.The third is Tehama, along the same coast between Yemen and Hijaz.In later times, however, they have greatly deteriorated.Up to a century and a half ago our information concerning Arabia was based mainly on Greek and Latin writers, such as Herodotus, Strabo, Pliny, Ptolemy, and others. The references to Arabia found in the Old Testament were even more so.I am social and my friends say that I am sweet and positive lady.

The general aspect of Arabia is that of a central table-land surrounded by a desert belt, sandy to the west, south, and east and stony to the north.The actual population of Arabia is a matter of conjecture, no regular or official census having ever been undertaken.According to the most modern and acceptable authorities, the population cannot be less than eight, or more than twelve, millions, all of whom are Mohammedans.A third and modern division of Arabia, according to politico-geographical principles, is into seven provinces: Hijaz, Yemen, Hadramaut, Oman, Hasa, Irak, and Nejd.At present, with the exception of the Sinaitic peninsula and about 200 miles of the coast south of the Gulf of Akaba which is under Anglo-Egyptian rule, Hijaz, Yemen, Hasa and Irak are Turkish provinces, the other three being ruled by independent Arab rulers, called Sultans, Ameers, or Imams, who today as of old are constantly fighting among themselves for control.

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