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The internet, sex and marriage, three separate spheres are increasingly related, representing a triune that exerts considerable influence on contemporary China.We Chat has laid down clear policies with regard to posting pornographic content. The We Chat Operations Platform publishes weekly statistics on the numbers of official We Chat accounts that are punished due to breaching their pornography guidelines. These are punishments for ‘Official Accounts’ so don’t be worried about your personal account being blocked because of that gif you sent yesterday.The video was quickly deleted by both platforms, but fear not, it was available for purchase on Taobao shortly after.There was wide skepticism among the general public about the validity of the video. In China today there is a population of 200 million singles including over 40 million empty-nest youths.As the lifestyle in general of this group changes under a wave of individualisation, so too do the sex lives of these young people.

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These traits are exaggerated further for the post 00s generation, born into an already well-developed network.They search for intimate companions using online platforms in which they are active (for example Baidu Tieba) and they are familiar with “text sex”, ”audio sex” and ”video sex”.These groups exhibit online sexual behaviour that was referred to as “naked chat” ten years ago.In the battle for article views and followers on We Chat, sex is a powerful tool.A common practice for article writers is to set a preview picture of a seductively dressed young woman.

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