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When we finished “Way Back,” all we could hear was Snoop on that record. Our plan and goal is to secure a residency in Las Vegas. The only difference now is that we get to perform our new songs like “Way Back” and new, fun choreography. And we have some challenges: we ask people to put up a video of them doing the dance with a hashtag. You seem to have really taken to social media; there was a recent Twitter exchange about the lyrics on “Waterfalls” and “No Scrubs” that got written up for your comeback. We’ve always been the type of group where we’re very touchable and approachable. I call all my Twitter followers my “Twitter babies.” It’s nice to engage with the people that support you so much. The person who really sticks out to me so much is Bruno Mars. It’s refreshing to see, because honestly his music is old-school music. We worked very hard to kick some doors down, not only for ourselves but for those behind us. We just hoped that he was gonna be excited and wanted to be a part of it, and thank goodness he did. He was like, “Whatever y’all need, I love y’all.” We were like, “Wow, that was amazing.” You’ve said this will be your last album together. We started out saying, “Let’s do this one more time.” We felt really good about it with the support of our fans. Besides touring internationally, you’ve had some attempts at solo albums. When we first got solo deals — all three of us had a solo deal — I was like, we gotta make another TLC record. Like on the song “Haters.” That track follows in the legacy of messages that TLC has always put out; much of your music is about female empowerment and confidence. But I think it’s even more important right now, because when we first came out, you didn’t have social media.Do you think the reception of that message has changed over the years? There was no Instagram or anything like that where people could hide behind the device and say the nastiest things to you. We have a formula that we figured out a long time ago that works for us in our group, and we don’t stray away from that formula.

Mayweather was arrested on a domestic violence charge and for larceny, as he took Harris' purse.

Per their own advice, TLC isn’t chasing waterfalls.

They’re sticking to what they’re used to, this time in the form of a new self-titled album.

Mayeather confronted Harris at her Las Vegas home, after viewing her text messages to Watson.

Mayweather flew into a rage and began threatening her.

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