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Which comes as a very welcome sigh of relief in today's contemporary market.He has spent the last five years playing 1000 Self-Booked Dates on the road throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Texas.Nora possesses a sensitive and honey-sweet vocal delivery, and is a solid sender on guitar -- which is why this lady's phone never stops ringing.In 2010, Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy enlisted Nora O'Connor and Kelly Hogan as a primary vocalists on gospel legend Mavis Staples’ Grammy Award-winning album “You Are Not Alone.”Chicago's Sanctified Grumblers formed in the Spring of 2009 when Rick Sherry (Devil in a Woodpile) and Eric Noden started writing songs together.Between road-worn self-penned material, old-time drinking songs and heart rending country standards The Mighty Quinn is the next one to watch out for.Two time winners of the “Best Country And Western Entertainer” (Chicago Music Awards), The Lawrence Peters Outfit, play un-ruined country music, a term Lawrence coined to describe the band’s original, deep-rooted, honky tonk sound.Williams is joined by pedal steel guitarist Justin Brown (Palliard), electric mandolinist Kenneth Rainey (Tangleweed, The Golden Horse Ranch Band), and the rhythm section of drummer Phil Stosberg (The National Acrobat) and bassist Ben Das.

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Their music is in the style of the American Songbook, but from the perspective of an outsider looking at America and its many idiosyncrasies. They are written in love with the familiar shadowy things about ourselves: gluttony, violence, addiction, spirituality, and self-indulgence.Although a portion of their live performances come from their vast catalog of the Hillbilly & Country Hit Parade, these boys are not mere followers or imitators.They also posses the talent of 3 songwriters performing original novelty numbers, heartfelt love songs, honky-tonk weepers, drinking songs and dark ballads.Quinn's songwriting is adroit and surefooted, offering sturdily constructed country, folk, and Cajun-tinged songs for his ensemble to really sink their fangs into on this instant jukebox classic.The songs are short and sweet but packed with clever lines, sentimental harmonies and twangy fills.

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