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While adult conditioning presents a certain resistance, programming of young children offers a whole set of new and terrifying options for those who would worship such control. Then Governor Ronald Reagan was at first supportive of the center, but when public opinion shifted away from Dr.

West, Reagan's backing vanished.subliminal sounds and pictures on the screen.

Cameron died) that the survivors of this tortuous ordeal could begin their quest for Justice.

In October of 1988, Logic and seven other survivors split a paltry out-of-court settlement from the U. Department of Justice of just 0,000 to pay for the damages incurred by Cameron and his CIA cronies.

What tools are used and how far have these projects gone?

Previous issues of PROBE and many other publications as well, have recently highlighted the potential use of this ultimate weapon of mind control.

It would seem that the evolution of mind control as a weapon started as a tool for the perfect espionage agent and then grew into the making of the 'perfect soldier'.

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Cameron was head of the prestigious American Psychiatric Association and was known by some as the father of Canadian psychiatry.

The only thing that has changed is their title; they now call themselves "spin doctors", and they aren't spinning the truth. While propagandists and spin doctors are the more visible tools, there is a much more sinister understanding of how advances in technology can turn any human being into a kind of slave.

The worst part of it all is that many of those so enslaved are so well conditioned to their state of misery that they accept the yoke with little struggle.

Velma Orlikow flew into unexplained rages and lost the ability to read.

Another victim, Linda Macdonald, spent 86 days in a so-called sleep room and came out so mentally destroyed that she could not read, write, or recognize her family. (5)People like Linda, Robert and Velma were not suing simply for the money, but to prevent such programs from happening again.

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