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One of the primary unexpected outcomes of my research was the large presence of women who are engaging in CI: emotional, sexual, or viewing pornography.What makes people cheat even when they are in a good relationship?Read about how the resulting relationships can be more open and satisfying than those that sprout from traditional dating sites.Read the article "People date online not because they want to lose their partners or they're not happy or they want to replace their partners," Marlene says.Traditional (in real life) infidelity reasons are different from cyber infidelity.Traditionally, it was because the wife did not understand him, her husband neglected her, and he wanted and felt entitled to sexual variety, bought, or freely available.A New Infidelity Phenomenon, 2007 50-60% married men 45-55% married women Source: Atwood J. Journal of Couple & Relationship Therapy 4(2-3):117-134 This increase in infidelity by women began as a result of women’s liberation when women got into the work place. There are still more risks for women than men with traditional infidelity: loss of security, reputation and stigma.No one will know numbers of people committing Cyber Infidelity (CI) as it’s done online and in private.

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Traditional Infidelity: 20-40% heterosexual married men 20-25% heterosexual married women 70% dating couples Source: Henderson C.Eve, the South African sex therapist who literally wrote the book on cyber infidelity.Right from the outset, Eve rejects the notion of “sexting addiction,” telling me that the addiction model is an unhelpful way to understand people who, like Weiner, seem helpless in the face of their self-destructive sexual compulsions.The moment we step out of that bubble of monogamy we know." Read the interview "You feel as if you are in your own world and you've got your phone in your hand," Marlene says."You don't feel that you're vulnerable in that space.

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