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We were all supposed to go together, but since my uncle said he had something to do, my parents decided that our housemaid and I should stay back at home.I pleaded with them to take me, but I was not lucky.I didn’t know what really got into her, but she scolded me not to say such a thing again.She reminded me that the person I spoke about was my daddy’s younger brother.I had no choice, my situation then was between the devil and the deep blue sea.My parents had to travel to daddy’s hometown for a burial.Incidentally, we were admitted to study the same course, so from the very first day we became friends Her parents were abroad, and her maternal uncle was her guardian. More so, I didn’t trust her enough to share my secret with her.

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I asked her if she was all right, instead of talking, she began to cry again. She stopped crying and said she now understood why I never joined them whenever they discussed the issue of virginity in our room. He took off my underwear I kissed Jezebel How to attract the right guy What Is Really Wrong With Sex Before Marriage Once upon a valentine Cynthia must die but Mercy said No Pornography: the way out!

In fact, daddy would have conceded but my mom refused. I was sleeping in my room, in the evening which I shared with our housemaid, but it was later that I learned that my uncle had sent her on an errand that kept her away and gave him enough time to perpetrate his evil deed. I opened my eyes and saw my uncle trying to force my jeans trousers off. He tried to rape me again several times after that first experience, but I always carried my elder brother’s Boys’ Scout pen knife about and I vowed that I would kill him if he ever got near me again.

I tried to scream, but he covered my mouth with his palm. I wasn’t too sure if it was my threat or the fact that he was having sex with our 16-year-old house maid that kept him away from me, because he had to leave our house when mummy discovered that our housemaid was pregnant, and she said my uncle was responsible for her pregnancy.

One weekend, she went to stay at her uncle’s place I was supposed to have gone with her, but my eldest brother, who just came back from the US (United States), promised to see me that weekend. Surprisingly, my friend came back on Saturday morning as against her planned Sunday evening.

I noticed that she had cried and her uncle was hovering around her like a “father hen”.

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