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When 14-year-old Zach Marks' parents banned him from using Facebook at age 11, he created Grom Social, a site for kids ages 5 to 15 that currently has 800,000 users. Go Over Basic Safety Rules The following chat room basics apply to kids' chat rooms, too!Make the Experience Fun and Safe Chat rooms for kids can be fun.

This popular web site, called LA Community Policing (, is updated daily and is devoted to the broad issues of how the community member can help assure homeland security and public safety, reducing crime and the fear of crime and in improving the quality of American life in general. I'm also a recovering adult survivor of severe child abuse, and this effort, NAASCA, was born out of my own life .. Participating at NAASCA - 5/01/17 This is but one of the numerous social media and Internet efforts that

If you don't allow chatting, your babysitter shouldn't allow it.

The foundations parents lay will help kids self-police as they grow into the adult digital space, says Phelps.

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