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I guess I will wait and see if I get contacted by the police, if i had known she was under 18 i wouldnt have been anything even remotely hinting at a sexual nature with her.

if something like that is reported how long does it usually talk johnny law to get in touch with you?

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and with her telling me her dad beats her and all this other stuff i was acting as a person to talk to.If her father has indeed found out what she's been up to, you'd likely have a knock at your door in short order.You'd do well to consider this a lesson learned, and henceforth do all of your thinking with the big head, because if you leave the little one in charge, you may end up in jail.What the statute says is that if the person knows or believes that the recipient is a minor, you're in trouble.I don't see anything that says they're guaranteed scot-free otherwise.

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