Chaldean culture dating

In the days of Daniel a  special cult of prognosticators who considered themselves skilled  in the so-called science of divination were called  Chaldeans.-Da  2:2,  5,  10;  4:7;5:7,   11.After more than a decade of curating artifacts and replicas, the Chaldean Cultural Center Museum at the Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield Township today announced it will open its doors on May 2.In 721 BC, a Chaldean ruler,  despite great opposition, seized the throne of Babylon and reigned  for ten years.

I'm learning the Chaldean Culture, tradition and language.

The museum will be open Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, and special arrangements can be made for school and tour groups.

The Chaldean people of today are descendants of the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations and the Aramean legacy of Mesopotamia.

The museum’s faith and church gallery consists of a replica of a baptismal font from a Chaldean catholic church in Iraq, and a replica of a sculpture depicting The Last Supper.

The museum also obtained a piece of stone from the first Christian church in Mesopotamia, which they received from a Chaldean bishop in Detroit.

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