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First, Megan and Audi spend time together, and he claims that his "hump game" causes his past girlfriends to go crazy, which disturbs Megan. David tells Megan that he would love to go shopping with her.

Cisco and Punisher show Megan their physically fit bodies which impresses Megan.

She tells him she likes his look and is physically attracted to him.

Donald steps in and asks Megan to come to the fire pit with him for a one-on-one.

Hauserman also stated that she was looking for "a mature guy that can handle me and doesn't cry" and stated "He doesn't have to be rich; he has to be stable." Hauserman said she would take the show seriously, it would be "very real".

Megan's best friends, Brandi Cunningham from VH1 shows and Cecille Gahr (from Beauty and the Geek) were to appear on the show and try to help Megan with her decisions. Broadcast of the program was suspended by VH1 on August 19, 2009, after it was announced that contestant Ryan Jenkins was being sought by police for questioning in connection to the murder of Jasmine Fiore (who he married after the show had concluded).

Joe reveals that Garth broke it, and Megan scolds Garth for being a "bad boy". Al receives the last credit card, but Megan jokingly warns him to never bark at her again.

Garth works on a song entitled "Sex Mode" that he's been making for the last two years.

She presents each of the men with a gift that goes along with their nicknames.

After Megan hands out her presents, she announces there will be a mixer.

Megan's best friends, Brandi and Cecille, join Megan once again.

Megan calls up Cisco first, who is wearing the apron Megan gave him and red boxer-briefs.

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