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Most obvious is the greater physical harm that can be inflicted by male violence due to males' often greater size and strength.

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In an NIJ-funded study of 5,647 teens (51.8 percent female, 74.6 percent Caucasian) from 10 middle schools and high schools (representing grades 7 to 12) throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, researchers identified several factors related to increased risk for dating violence.A number of school based programs focusing on reducing violence in teen dating relationships and promoting healthy respectful relationships show promising results.The majority of these programs have focused on increasing students' awareness and knowledge about dating violence, changing attitudes and norms that condone violence, and building conflict resolution and communication skills.Identifying youth at risk for violence increases the likelihood of early intervention and prevention.Researchers seek to identify the risk factors indicating an increased likelihood for dating violence and the protective factors that buffer against dating violence.

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